Water Carafe

~ concept

A water carafe created with two layers, an outer and an inner. Initially the inner would be separated from the outer by a vacuum which would keep the contents cold/hot longer. Though it was important to me that the inner be flexible and free to move, allowing the user to experience the weight and motion of the liquid. As well as communicate the volume based on the size of the bladder, while still remaining isolated.

In the creation of this project two types or variations were produced.

Type One

was made from glass, and a latex condom. This was the first and basic model of the concept.

Type Two

was a continuation of the idea and was developed with nylon panty-hose and epoxy resin stretched over a wax casting of the form. The wax was Latter melted away, leaving the hollow form. Type two is based on the idea of one material used throughout the whole object. Starting as the foundation of the form, and progressing into a nylon/latex bladder from where a latex balloon is formed at the end. Creating a single structure that flows from outside to in.

Concept/2007 - Seeking Realization