~ cutlery

AA set of cutlery that embodies my personal conclusions of shape and form.

Achieved by the graphical two-dimensional shape of the top surface that allows the fluid three-dimensional form to hang from. While contrasting each other they ultimately find a complimenting balance as they influence one another.

Finished in sterling silver and Zirconia (technical ceramic) they relate to traditional tableware such as fine china and silverware.

I feel the ability to shape and form is very important as a designer. With the creation of numerous models I worked in an intuitive way directly with wood. Starting with rough sketches on the material as a judge for proportion, and the feel of shaping with my hands and eyes. Each model was an evolution toward the goal of a set of cutlery that embodied my thoughts and feelings about shape and form, each successive piece refining my senses, skills, as well as my understanding of what I found interesting.

I feel the art of craft is disappearing, as design is shifting to the computer, where I feel the personality and individuality of the designer is lost.

The result is a personal study of my ideas about shape and form applied to cutlery as I find it interesting how it is a tool, as well as an extension of the body and how this is translated to each individual utensil and its function

Price on Request - Limited Production
Prototype - Seeking Producer/Manufacture

~ 2009