City Square

~ concept

A city square, who’s tiles slope slightly inward through careful landscaping, allowing the falling rain to collect at the lowest points. Though when dry appears to be a relatively flat surface. Only the tiles small relief to refer back to the larger scale.

As the rain first begins to fall it collects at the lowest points creating what appears to be random puddles. As more rain collects these puddles slowly grow to become ponds, which eventually connect as more rain falls making a river that leads to a large lake where the water will remain until it begins to evaporate reversing the process.

These ever changing features will force the passers by to interact with the water, making them jump over, walk around, or relax on the newly created shore. The volume of fallen rain determining the features and their size.

Realized in a scale model (1:1000) and a series of tiles (1:1)

Concept/2008 - Seeking Realization