~ side table - yellow

Bureau is a collection of a table, stool and side table.

With this side table I explored the relationship of the horizontal surface of the table top and the vertical support that is the basis of a table and how they interact with each other.

I wanted to achieve a balance of substance and elegance with the contrasting elements of the table top and the stilt like legs that support and contain it.

By creating a substantial volume with the top it was important that it had a physical connection with the steel legs in which it hangs from. Communicating the balance each element has achieved in relation to each other.

The two elements are very different in material, colour, texture and form.Though become unified through the physical connection that is communicated by the seat which hangs from the stilt like legs that support it randomly along the seats edge.

the legs are made of steel with subtle radiuses added along the edges of each tube as well radius’ have been used in the connection with the horizontal ring that the seat hangs from. The supporting structure has been painted in a dark matte purple.

The top has been painted in a textured yellow paint and finished with a clear gloss gel coat creating a subtle pebbled surface. I feel that the tactile quality adds to the design by contrasting the matte steel legs as well as adding character to the table. I feel the tactile quality is very important in design and how we interact with objects.

Proportionately bigger then the
Bureau - Stool

~ 2010

Prototype - Seeking Producer/Manufacture