Reflected Landscape

~ concept

I question the need for a piece of work that would compete with nature, and have subsequently chosen to create a work that will create awareness of our impact on our surroundings as individuals by reflecting the viewer in the context of the environment and surrounding area. Allowing them to question and re-establish themselves within the landscape as well as allowing them to re-evaluate their relationship with nature.

By reflecting the surroundings of a constantly changing environment. From day to day, season to season the piece will create new compositions of shapes, forms and colours as it interacts with the environment and ultimately the passers by.

It was important that the work would not compete with nature but instead become a tool in which to showcase the stunning surroundings as well as placing us with in the environment.

I was initially interested in the ever changing balance and relationship between nature and man, our perception of ourselves in relation to our environment and our constant evolution to find a harmonious balance.

I wanted to incorporate movement into the piece which would allow for a constantly changing representation of the landscape by creating a “mosaic” or “pixilated” apperance by reflecting multiple aspects of the area at once. I also wanted the possibility of interaction with the piece by allowing the viewer to be reflected in the environment as they run, bike, walk, or approach the piece for a closer look. Re-evaluating our relationship and our position within nature.

It was important to me that the piece blend in with the background and camouflage with its surroundings. In achieving this I chose for the circular shape that when used with a strict “man made” grid would leave vacant space between each disc allowing the background to be seen, while creating a “random” shape based on the grid. The complete shape of the piece becomes less clear.

With attention attracted to the piece from the subtle movement of the individual discs as their reflections are altered by the wind. Similar to the shadows of leaves cast on the ground or the dancing reflections of water.

Concept/2010 - Seeking Realization