Bath House

~ concept ~ 2006

A Public Bath house situated in the country side. As you enter the smaller of the two structures you change and shower before proceeding down the long corridor to the entrance of the bath house.

Standing at the entrance the water from the pool meets your feet as the building opens up in front of you. Both in height,width as well as depth. As you proceed forward you slowly enter the water. The furter you proceed the deeper the pool gets, while it remains shallower along the sides if it becomes to deep for you.

Once the end of the pool is reach you will be met by a set of stairs that will take you to the sauna. Tha sauna is a cube shaped structure situated in the middle of the bath house. There is a small opening in the saunas roof which will allow the steam to escape and rise, where it will travel up the slope of the roof. There are two Dunking Pools outside the Sauna where you can jump into the cold water and once refreshed can either return to the sauna or proceed up another flight of stairs to the benches on the deck.

The steam from the Sauna will travel up and along the roof until it reaches the highest part. Directly below this are the two cold Dunking Pools The cooler air created by these pools will help cool the steam, which will then condense and travel down the roof toward the deck. Once the water reaches a dimple in the roof it will accumulate until it falls down and onto the bath houses deck.

The benches can be moved around the deck and if desired can be placed under a dimple where you will experience a reoccurring cool drop of water which if desired can help relax your body and mind.

The drops will also fall on the concrete deck or upon the vacant benches, adding a constant dripping sound and aiding in the relaxation of the users. The benches are hollow and have a slight slope from head to toe, as well a slight channel down the middle for your spine or bottom depending if you would like to lay or sit. The water will collect at one end of the bench where it will fall into a trough that extends around the inside of the benches footing. once full this will overflow, and spilling the excess water underneath the bench and onto the deck surface. This water will help the person move the bench as it will be able to float easier on as well the water remaining in the trough will give the bench weight and stability.

if this is not desired you can position your bench with a view of the large window at the end of the bath house.

Once you are finished you can proceed down the stairs in the middle of the deck which lead to another corridor and will bring you back to the change room and ultimately the exit of the bath house.